Approve Reviews (As Staff/Admin)

  1. Once a review has been submitted, an Admin must verify it before publishing.
    1. Go to Flick Office > Review > Review List.
    2. Select the Waiting for Publish label to see the pending reviews.
    3. Click Edit & Publish from Action.
  2. This will take you to the Review Update page which is divided into two sections.
    1. Update Review: This is the original review submitted by your client. You can make changes to it. But it is advised to leave it be. Although you can add comments on the Respond.
    2. Review Options: After careful inspection of a submitted review, this is where you will get to finalise everything.
      1. Submission Status: Submitted.
      2. Posted On: Select where the post will appear.
      3. Respond On: Select the response date.
      4. Publish Status: Publish
      5. Phone: Provide a phone number.
      6. Notify: Check to send a notification to the reviewer.
      7. Generate Thumbnail: Check the box to make the thumbnail visible.
      8. Click Save Changes to update and approve the submitted review.

Any approved reviews will appear on your website.

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