Create New Quotations

  1. To create a new quotation:
    1. From the client's profile's Summary tab, select Quotation and click Create New.
    2. From the side panel menu Quotation > +Add New
    3. From anywhere in the Admin Area, click the + icon at the top of the interface and choose Create New Quotation.
  2. Enter a subject for the quotation. The client will be able to see this.
  3. Configure the Date Created and Valid Till dates. They will default to the current date and one month in the future, respectively.
  4. Select whether the quotation is for a client or a lead.
  5. For leads, enter their details in the provided View Details. The system will only create an account for the client if or when the quotation becomes an invoice.
  6. Set a quantity, description, unit price, and discount percentage under Line Items for each item you wish to add to the quotation.
    1. The system calculates the total by multiplying the Unit Price value by the Qty value and then subtracting the discount.
    2. To add more lines to the quote, click Save Changes and a new line entry will appear.
    3. To add a product that you already created at
      1. Click Add a Predefined Product.
      2. Choose the desired product from the menu.
      3. Click Select.
  7. Enter the text that you want to display at the top of the quote in the Proposal Text textbox.
  8. Enter any desired customer notes and admin-only notes.
    1. Text that you enter in Customer Notes will display on the quote to the client.
    2. Text that you enter in Admin Only Notes will never display for the client.
  9. Click Save Changes to save the quotation.

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